Understanding Your Teen

Adolescence is a time of change and growth coupled with uncertainty and insecurity. As parents, it’s important to understand how adolescents think and how best to respond in order to help your teenager—and yourself—get through this tumultuous passage successfully. Studies… Read the rest

Tools to Manage Stress

Studies show that stress causes physical changes in your body whether you’re actually faced with a stressful situation or just thinking about it. As a result of dwelling on what’s happened or worrying about what’s going to happen, many of… Read the rest

Stress and the LD Puzzle

Children today experience a considerable amount of stress. Their lives are full and fast-paced. Adults often have unrealistic expectations: performance is emphasized over process, and a lack of respect is shown for cooperative learning and alternative ways of demonstrating competence.… Read the rest

Is CBT Right For Your Child?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a treatment that focuses on changing unproductive thinking and the beliefs that underlie that thinking. For example, a child who is struggling academically may think, “I’m worthless” or “My effort never pays off.” Such thoughts… Read the rest

Nothing Helps! What Can I Do?

At Smart Kids, we appreciate that it’s a particularly poignant dilemma to be knowledgeable and yet so perplexed. As you said, you are aware that your son “doesn’t understand.” You recognize that he is not choosing to alienate others. However,… Read the rest