DBT May Help Regulate Emotions

Fifteen-year-old Thomas was diagnosed with ADHD, learning disabilities, and depression. Despite participating in mental health treatment programs, his level of depression increased, and he grew more impulsive and defiant. His relationship with his family became fraught with conflict, anger, and… Read the rest

Dealing with Math Anxiety

Math anxiety occurs when doing math activates the brain regions associated with fear and coping with negative emotions. The anxiety consumes a child’s ability to process information, as well as her working memory resources, and leads to poor performance. Math… Read the rest

Anxiety Problems: Signs & Symptoms

Clinical anxiety conditions—generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias, panic disorder, and PTSD—are the most common emotional disorders diagnosed in children. The prevalence rate in 2- to 5-year-olds is 9.5% and rises to nearly 32% in 13- to 18 –year-olds.… Read the rest

Help Your Child Manage Anxiety

Anxiety-related disorders are the most widespread psychiatric conditions affecting children and adults. For many kids with ADHD and LD, the added burden of high anxiety can make getting through the day seem like an overwhelming struggle. How can parents help… Read the rest

15 Tips To Start the School Year Strong

By Marcia Eckerd, Ph.D Many students with LD, ADHD, and NLD become increasingly nervous as back-to-school approaches and even during the first couple of weeks. They may have had negative experiences before with classes or peers leading them to experience… Read the rest