Jaclyn Noble: Future CEO

Jaclyn Noble has struggled throughout her life with audio processing difficulties and ADHD. Nonetheless, she is described as a passionate academic risk-taker who excels in school and in business as an event planner and fundraiser.

Entrepreneur in the Making

At age 14, Jaclyn persuaded leading event planner Save the Date, Inc. to offer her a chance to learn the business. Three years later, she succeeded in attracting her own clients and planning major events. With just six months’ experience she helped spearhead a fundraising gala for the Federation of Galaxy Explorers. During her second year as Gala Chair, she was presented with the James E. Haywood Award of Excellence, an honor reserved for aerospace leaders whose volunteer efforts demonstrate excellence, dedication and hard work.

Since then, the Potomac, MD teen has volunteered more than 600 hours organizing nonprofit galas, fundraisers and other activities, while pursuing her own business interests including interning with major software companies, helping with product branding and worldwide public relations campaigns. She is the youngest member of the DC International Special Events Society.

Jaclyn is a 2008 Youth Achievement Award Honoree.