Applying to College? We’ve Got You Covered

The college application process is daunting for all students, but for those with LD and ADHD it can be especially challenging. In the College Bound section of the Smart Kids with LD website, you’ll find everything you need to make it through the process. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find:

Demystifying the College Application Process provides general guidelines to ensure that your child ends up at a college where she can succeed. Not all higher-ed institutions offer the same level of support for students with LD. The information here will help you determine the level suitable for your child.

Need advice on the actual application process itself? Check out what our experts say about writing a winning eassy, and acing the interview.

Likewise, if you’re wondering whether the ACT or the SAT is the better option, we’ve got that covered too, along with advice on preparing for both, specifically geared to students with LD.

For those of you wondering if hiring a college consultant is worthwhile to help you through the process, we ask —and answer—that exact question.

So if your child with learning issues is beginning the college process, take a look at these articles and more in our College Bound section. Doing the groundwork will make the process much less daunting for you and her.