College Bound? Learn More

The Federal Department of Education has a wealth of helpful information for families and individuals preparing for college— all of it free and easily accessible online. Following are three particularly useful resources, each for a different part of the process:… Read the rest

Tips for Post-High School Planning

Although students apply for college in their senior year, preparation for college begins several years earlier. To guarantee the best outcome for a student with LD or ADHD, parents, students, and support personnel must mount a coordinated effort that begins… Read the rest

College Planning: Match Services to Needs

Selecting an appropriate college for students with learning disabilities is vital to their success. Because students leave high school with different levels of preparedness and varying abilities, a continuum of support services has emerged. Some colleges offer extensive services, while… Read the rest

Applying to College? We’ve Got You Covered

The college application process is daunting for all students, but for those with LD and ADHD it can be especially challenging. In the College Bound section of the Smart Kids with LD website, you’ll find everything you need to make… Read the rest

Scholarships for Students with LD

’Tis the season to get college applications in—and for many, that includes looking for scholarships to help offset the ever-increasing cost of higher education. According to FinAid, “a good rule of thumb is that tuition rates will increase at about… Read the rest