Finish the Year Strong

This has been an unprecedented academic year, and there are still many uncertainties about exactly how the school year will come to a close, but students can count on two certainties: the end of the year will soon be here… Read the rest

EF Skills: Time Management

An important executive functioning skill is time management—the ability to accurately estimate time required, how much time one has, and allocate time effectively to meet deadlines. It also includes an awareness that time matters. Students who struggle with time management… Read the rest

EF Skills: Planning & Prioritizing

Students who have weak planning and prioritization skills find themselves hamstrung even before they begin an assignment or a task. They have difficulty identifying the steps required to accomplish their goal (e.g., creating a presentation, writing a paper, cleaning their… Read the rest

“I’ll Study Later! Really!”

Study. Why does this small word induce so much procrastination and paralysis? It is because most children and teens with ADHD don’t know how to study effectively. The study methods they’ve been taught don’t work for their ADHD brains; they… Read the rest

Prevent Summer Slide

For children with LD and ADHD, summer can (and should) be an enjoyable respite from the  demands they deal with throughout the school year. However, it’s also a time when they’re at risk for losing the hard-won skills they’ve struggled… Read the rest