“I’ll Study Later! Really!”

Study. Why does this small word induce so much procrastination and paralysis? It is because most children and teens with ADHD don’t know how to study effectively. The study methods they’ve been taught don’t work for their ADHD brains; they… Read the rest

Prevent Summer Slide

For children with LD and ADHD, summer can (and should) be an enjoyable respite from the  demands they deal with throughout the school year. However, it’s also a time when they’re at risk for losing the hard-won skills they’ve struggled… Read the rest

COVID-19: 5 Tips for Online Learners

By Leslie Josel As an ADHD coach, I’ve been inundated with questions as to how students with LD and ADHD can navigate the online/virtual learning process that is their new normal. Here are a few strategies to try: Find a… Read the rest

Math & ADHD: Carelessness or Accidental Error?

By Miriam Cherkes-Julkowski, Ph.D. Children with ADHD typically have trouble with math, which requires sustained attention, good working memory (how much information can be held on tap at one time), tracking (knowing where they are in a problem), and self-monitoring.… Read the rest

Summertime: Read, Read, Read!

To help your struggling reader maintain the gains she’s made in school this past year, make reading a priority this summer. All students, but especially those with learning challenges are at risk for the “summer slide” or taking a step… Read the rest