Math & ADHD: Carelessness or Accidental Error?

By Miriam Cherkes-Julkowski, Ph.D. Children with ADHD typically have trouble with math, which requires sustained attention, good working memory (how much information can be held on tap at one time), tracking (knowing where they are in a problem), and self-monitoring.… Read the rest

Summertime: Read, Read, Read!

To help your struggling reader maintain the gains she’s made in school this past year, make reading a priority this summer. All students, but especially those with learning challenges are at risk for the “summer slide” or taking a step… Read the rest

Writing Tips for Final Papers

By Melissa Rey With the end of the school year come semester projects and final papers, which can be challenging for students with learning disabilities. We asked then Pomona College student Melissa Rey, who has dyslexia, to share some strategies… Read the rest

5 Keys to Managing Homework

By Dawn Matera, Ph.D As curriculum demands increase and classroom teachers are forced to cover more ground, homework assumes a greater role in education. Some students are able to manage their homework on their own, but more often than not… Read the rest

Know Your Child’s Homework Profile

By Leslie Josel I hate homework—but not for the reasons you may think. I’m all for homework that reinforces lessons taught in school, challenges students to think critically, and speaks to a child’s creativity and individual learning style. But most… Read the rest