Study Like A College Student

There’s more to effective studying than memorizing. While that may work in some lower level high-school classes, by the time you’re a junior or senior, your teachers are likely looking for higher level thinking as a way to help prepare… Read the rest

Learn Your Child’s Learning Style

The following article is excerpted from What’s the Deal with Teens and Time Management? by Leslie Josel, People Tested Books, Pennington, NJ, 2015. How we process information, organize our thoughts, and lay down that learning is called our “learning style,”… Read the rest

Time Management 101

Many children with LD and ADHD have difficulty managing their time, especially as they reach adolescence when more is required of them socially and academically. It’s important to empower your child with the skills necessary to manage and organize herself.… Read the rest

Prevent Summer Slide

For children with LD and ADHD, summer can (and should) be an enjoyable respite from the  demands they deal with throughout the school year. However, it’s also a time when they’re at risk for losing the hard-won skills they’ve struggled… Read the rest

Time Management for Kids with LD

Although time management can be challenging for anyone, kids with learning disabilities and ADHD often have a harder time with it than other students. If your child struggles to complete assignments, misses deadlines, procrastinates getting started, or doesn’t know where… Read the rest