Know Your Child’s Homework Profile

By Leslie Josel I hate homework—but not for the reasons you may think. I’m all for homework that reinforces lessons taught in school, challenges students to think critically, and speaks to a child’s creativity and individual learning style. But most… Read the rest

Ready, Set, Learn!

By Heidi Rosenholtz The path to learning is filled with twists and turns. Along the way students are called upon to read, write, listen, complete homework, and study for tests. But the journey actually begins before any of those skills… Read the rest

Dealing with Math Anxiety

Math anxiety occurs when doing math activates the brain regions associated with fear and coping with negative emotions. The anxiety consumes a child’s ability to process information, as well as her working memory resources, and leads to poor performance. Math… Read the rest

Academic Planner: Must-Have Tool for College

For college students that struggle with organization and time-management, the academic planner is an indispensable tool. Why? Because planning and preparation are the keys to college success. Many professors give long-term assignments such as papers, projects, and presentations. Even an… Read the rest

Online Courses: Pros & Cons

By Lindsey Wright Despite the fact that public schools are mandated by federal law to support the educational needs of allstudents, parents of kids with learning disabilities and ADHD know that doesn’t always happen. To fill the gaps, parents often… Read the rest