Show Smart Kids Some Love

If you’ve found Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities helpful, please take a few short minutes to share your thoughts on how our organization has inspired, educated, and helped you, your family and your child deal with learning and attention issues.… Read the rest

Improve Your Child’s Classroom Experience

We recently asked a group of Smart Kids readers to offer suggestions for making the classroom a more student-friendly environment for children with LD and ADHD. Some of these items can be included in your child’s IEP; others may be… Read the rest

Has Your Child Had an AT Evaluation?

For students with learning disabilities, technology is an important tool in leveling the playing field, providing struggling students with the ability to access educational material that may otherwise prove challenging to understand. As Assistive Technology (AT) continues to evolve, the… Read the rest

Organization 101: Start with the Backpack

By Daniel Franklin, Ph.D. Getting and staying organized requires a broad range of executive functioning skills, time, and energy that your child may not have. Routinely engaging in organizational tasks with you, your child will become familiar and comfortable with… Read the rest

It’s the Smart Walk for Smart Kids with LD

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities is gearing up for its Third Annual Smart Walk Sunday, October 3, 2021 at Sherwood Island State Park in Westport, CT. This community event celebrates the strengths and talents of young people with LD and… Read the rest