Join Us at the First Annual Smart Walk for LD & ADHD

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities is gearing up for its First Annual Smart Walk Sunday, October 21 at Sherwood Island State Park in Westport, CT. This breakthrough community event celebrates the strengths and talents of young people with LD and… Read the rest

Online Courses: Pros & Cons

By Lindsey Wright Despite the fact that public schools are mandated by federal law to support the educational needs of allstudents, parents of kids with learning disabilities and ADHD know that doesn’t always happen. To fill the gaps, parents often… Read the rest

Understanding the Benefits of ADHD Medications

Much of what we read in the mainstream media about ADHD medications has more to do with misuse and abuse than with use by those who truly benefit from these drugs. Yes, they may be overprescribed by some professionals lacking… Read the rest

FBI Warning on Ed Tech

A great deal of attention has been given to the issue of screen time and its impact on your children. But what’s often overlooked in these discussions is the risk to children posed by the increasing use of technology and… Read the rest

Improve Your Child’s Classroom Experience

We recently asked a group of Smart Kids readers to offer suggestions for making the classroom a more student-friendly environment for children with LD and ADHD. Some of these items can be included in your child’s IEP; others may be… Read the rest