New & Noteworthy: “The ABCs of Learning Issues”

The ABCs of Learning Issues, a new bookby Dana Stahl, M.Ed., aims to help parents gain a deeper understanding of their children’s learning issues, while providing practical advice for families as they embark on the journey to help their child… Read the rest

Focusing on Strengths Helps Kids with LD

By Susan Baum, Ph.D. As parents we spend a lot of time thinking about how to bring out the best in our children. We are natural fixers of whatever is wrong as we kiss the hurts away and repair anything… Read the rest

Ready, Set, Learn!

By Heidi Rosenholtz The path to learning is filled with twists and turns. Along the way students are called upon to read, write, listen, complete homework, and study for tests. But the journey actually begins before any of those skills… Read the rest

College Transfer: Reasons to Make a Move

Deciding to transfer from one college to another can be difficult, but most students with LD are able to make a successful move if they understand their reasons for wanting to leave one campus for another. Transferring to a different… Read the rest

Executive Functions: Plan for the Plan

By Lydia H. Soifer, Ph.D, with Eve Kessler, Esq. This week’s blog is based on the presentation, Executive Function and Working Memory: A Primer for Parents, given by Dr. Soifer and sponsored by Smart Kids with LD, SPED*NET Wilton (CT),… Read the rest