In Their Own Words

When Smart Kids asked a group of middle school kids how their learning disabilities impacted them, we were impressed—and sometimes surprised—by their thoughtful responses. During the course of the wide-ranging discussion, students were not shy about expressing their views. In most cases, their comments were initially positive; however, as they began to reflect on their experiences, a far different picture emerged.

We knew we’d hear how challenging it is to travel between the resource room and their mainstream classes, but we never expected to hear how teachers frequently added to the burden. We thought we knew how beneficial accommodations could be—after all, they’re put in place to help students achieve their potential—but we were amazed to learn that students often don’t understand the reasons behind their special treatment, leaving them to assume the worst. While opinions differed on some topics, one thing they all agreed on was that they often feel pushed to succeed, or as they said, “No pressure, please!”

For the full rundown see School Life: A Kids’ Eye View. Their comments are likely to cause you to take a second look at your child’s school program and to listen differently when she speaks.