Best Sports For Your Child with ADHD

The benefits of physical activity are well known, yet for some children with ADHD sports are challenging—and not in a good way. The same difficulties they face in the classroom (impulsivity, inattention, problems following directions, and low frustration tolerance) often plague them on the playing field as well.

The answer, however, is not to give up participating in sports, but rather to find the activities best suited to your child.

In the article, Game On: 10 Best Sports for Kids with ADHD or Learning Disabilities, ADDitude delves into the issue, and offers advice on how to find the sport that your child with ADHD and LD can be successful in.

Following are some of the sports suggested:

  • Joining a swim team or participating in martial arts provide a high degree of structure and discipline that often work well for children with ADHD.
  • Children who thrive when competing against themselves might do well in tennis.
  • Wrestling is suitable for a child with aggressive tendencies or endless energy.
  • Horseback riding has long been used therapeutically and is a good choice for a child who needs to brush up on behavior modification techniques.
  • Track usually offers the chance for everyone on the team to participate, which is a great antidote to teams where less coordinated kids usually warm the bench.