Lemonade Stand: Business 101 for Kids

By Liz Frazier, CFP, MBA The idea of the lemonade stand conjures up nostalgia in most parents as they remember summer days and simpler times. Today, the lemonade stand is still a source of summer fun for many children, however… Read the rest

Summertime: Read, Read, Read!

To help your struggling reader maintain the gains she’s made in school this past year, make reading a priority this summer. All students, but especially those with learning challenges are at risk for the “summer slide” or taking a step… Read the rest

Summertime: Exploring Interests

Summer is almost upon us raising the age-old question of what your child should/could do with two to three months of free time. For many the school year is jam-packed with activities. Even though we worry our children are over-scheduled,… Read the rest

Summer Jobs: It’s Not Too Late

We’re a month into summer and your child is already bored. You’re bored too with the late nights that lead to late mornings, the endless hours playing video games, and the incessant complaints that there’s “nothing to do.” It’s not… Read the rest

Is Summer School Right For Your Child?

Summer school doesn’t have to be drudgery. Options include local or residential programs, week-long to summer-long sessions, full-time academic forays, or academic/recreational combinations. To determine if an academic curriculum will enhance your child’s summer vacation, ask yourself the following questions:… Read the rest