Summer School: Here We Come

To help compensate for a year-plus of school closures and disrupted learning due to COVID-19, many states are planning to beef up their summer opportunities. Thanks in part to the $1.9 trillion relief package, K-12 public schools will receive $122… Read the rest

Camp Experience: Confidence-Building

By Melissa Rey As any student with dyslexia will tell you, the classroom often brings more frustration than fun. One of the best ways to help a dyslexic learner is to help her find opportunities for success outside of school.… Read the rest

Finding the Right Camp for A First-Timer

With spring comes the challenge of planning for summer. If you’ve got a first-time camper, it’s time to begin thinking about what your child needs to have a successful summer experience. While you may not have to put down the… Read the rest

Finding the Right Camp for Middle Schoolers

After last summer’s widespread cancellations of summer camps due to the pandemic, it looks as if many will be welcoming kids back this summer, albeit with a few more safety protocols in place (COVID tests, masking mandates, etc.). Still, it’s… Read the rest

Camp Guidelines for Kids with LD and ADHD

Although it may not feel like spring yet, it’s just around the corner—and that means it’s time to think about summer plans. If camp is on the list of possibilities, now is the time to begin looking for a suitable… Read the rest