Summer Jobs: It’s Not Too Late

Summer is here, and your child is already bored. You’re bored too with the late nights that lead to late mornings, the endless hours playing video games, and the incessant complaints that there’s “nothing to do.” It’s not too late… Read the rest

Summer Strategy: Sneak In Learning

While summer vacation is a welcome change for children with LD, research tells us that kids who are not engaged in formal education may lose ground over the summer. One way to avoid that is to sneak in learning. The… Read the rest

Into the Wild for a Summer of Fun

Conventional overnight summer camps target resilient, athletic children who respond well to group control, and can walk confidently from archery to arts and crafts while singing Kumbaya. But for kids who are nonconformists, have two left feet, or need special… Read the rest

Do Pre-College Summer Programs Benefit Teens?

By Deena Maerowitz, J.D., M.S.W When exploring options for teen summer plans, parents often ask me about pre-college programs that are hosted by colleges and universities. In particular, parents wonder if attending such programs now will enhance candidates’ college applications… Read the rest

Prevent Summer Slide

For children with LD and ADHD, summer can (and should) be an enjoyable respite from the  demands they deal with throughout the school year. However, it’s also a time when they’re at risk for losing the hard-won skills they’ve struggled… Read the rest