Start Talking Up Summer Fun

Many children who struggle with learning disabilities share a common trait: anxiety over transitions. With the end of school rapidly approaching, you can minimize any concerns your child may have by preparing now for the changes that summer brings. Think… Read the rest

A 5-Point Plan For Getting Through Summer

With summer upon us, the promise of long, lazy days that your child with LD was relishing may already be looking like your worst nightmare: long, lazy days, with no end in sight. If that’s the case, it’s not too… Read the rest

Dear Camp Director…

Dear Camp Director, Thank you for taking the time to talk with me back in December about my children, especially my older son Jeffrey, who will be attending your camp this summer. Jeffrey is a wonderful child, and I wanted… Read the rest

Camp Guidelines for Middle-School Kids

In a recent article Smart Kids shared general guidelines for finding a summer camp for your child with LD or ADHD. But middle schoolers have unique challenges when it comes to choosing an age-appropriate camp setting—one that sustains your child’s… Read the rest

Summer Camp Guidelines for Kids with LD & ADHD

Summer camp won’t change your child’s character (or address his learning challenges), but the right setting may give him enough self-esteem to approach the school year feeling capable and confident. Spending a summer engaged in activities that counter the low… Read the rest