Hot Tips for Cutting Camp Costs

Summer camp is more than just a luxury for many children who struggle with social, emotional, behavioral, and academic issues during the school year. Spending time in a structured and constructive environment can help develop the skills and confidence to… Read the rest

Summer Strategy: Sneak In Learning

While summer vacation is a welcome change for children with LD, research tells us that kids who are not engaged in formal education may lose ground over the summer. One way to avoid that is to sneak in learning. The… Read the rest

Start Talking Up Summer Fun

Many children who struggle with learning disabilities share a common trait: anxiety over transitions. With the end of school rapidly approaching, you can minimize any concerns your child may have by preparing now for the changes that summer brings. Think… Read the rest

Camp Experience: Confidence-Building

By Melissa Rey As any student with dyslexia will tell you, the classroom often brings more frustration than fun. One of the best ways to help a dyslexic learner is to help her find opportunities for success outside of school.… Read the rest

Finding the Right Camp for A First-Timer

With spring comes the challenge of planning for summer. If you’ve got a first-time camper, it’s time to begin thinking about what your child needs to have a successful summer experience. While you may not have to put down the… Read the rest