Surviving the Teen Years

Sometimes it seems as if teenagers are in a constant state of crisis, often pulling parents into their drama. But as parents, it’s your job not to get caught up in their drama, but rather to empower them to handle… Read the rest

Be A Friend

A fundamental difference between many children with learning disabilities and other kids is that they often have social issues, which can be more debilitating than their learning problems. If that’s the case with your child, it’s time to toss out… Read the rest

Your Child: A Day in His Life

If there’s one thing that parents of kids with LD know, it’s that there are no quick fixes for their child’s learning struggles. But understanding the difficulties your child faces daily is the first step toward successfully addressing them. Real-World… Read the rest

Is Digital Addiction the New Cocaine?

As smartphones, tablets, video games, and social media have proliferated, so too have warnings about their impact on children. Too much screen time has been associated with overweight and obesity, poor grades, and sleep problems, to name a few common… Read the rest

Teens and Executive Function Skills

Have you ever wondered why adolescence is characterized by change, confusion, high emotions, and impulsive decision-making? It’s largely a function of brain development: The part of the brain responsible for decision-making (the frontal lobe) is still evolving, and will continue… Read the rest