Breaking the Frustration Cycle

Parenting children with LD and ADHD is challenging. Complex academic, social, emotional, and behavioral issues can tax a family’s ability to grapple with adversity, identify appropriate strategies and accommodations, and coordinate appropriate professional support—to say nothing of getting through the… Read the rest

Am I Alone in This?

Your intuition is on high alert. You suspect your child is having trouble learning to read. She can’t seem to remember her letters, or has trouble recognizing simple words. Maybe there is a problem with socialization. Nothing is clear yet,… Read the rest

Educating Others About Your Child’s LD

Once you understand your child’s learning disabilities, it’s crucial to share his profile with those who impact his life. But before you divulge the personal details of your child’s learning style, use the following guide to help evaluate who needs… Read the rest

Siblings: Finding the Balance

By Sheldon Horowitz, MD The Forgotten Child, by Anne Ford with John-Richard Thompson, addresses the sibling challenges that can arise in families with a child with LD. The following is an excerpt from a chapter in the book written by… Read the rest

NLD and Families

Parents of children with NLD often struggle with feelings of isolation. Their kids are bright and verbal making their quirkiness, sensitivities, and apparently oppositional behavior that much more difficult to understand. As a result, these parents often feel ridiculed by… Read the rest