10 Ways to Improve Communication with Your Child

By Marcia Eckerd, Ph.D Kids with LD and ADHD often feel more criticized than understood. In our eagerness to help, we sometimes try to fix problems, correct behaviors, or give feedback before we fully understand the child’s perspective. Following are… Read the rest

ADHD: Teen Boys & Self-Control

Your teenage son with ADHD is hyper-focused on a task. On the tip of his tongue is the answer to a question he’s been pondering. Just then, his sister asks for a pencil, breaking his concentration. Feeling he’ll never have… Read the rest

Wanted: Stress-Free Holidays

For many children, December ’tis the season to be overstimulated, overtired, overindulged, and generally out of control. Kids with LD and ADHD, who normally have trouble coping with change or dealing with stress may find this time of year particularly… Read the rest

A New School Year Like None Other

For students who learn differently, summer usually provides a respite from the social, emotional, behavioral, and learning issues that can make school challenging. Ideally, come fall, these kids are refreshed and ready to start anew. That’s not the case this… Read the rest

Back to School: Be Kind to Yourself

By Peg Dawson, Ed.D, NCSP As the new school year dawns, chances are you’re filled with trepidation. Sending your child back into a classroom in the midst of a global pandemic is cause for high anxiety; so is keeping him… Read the rest