COVID-19: Rethinking Screen Use

By Nadja Streiter, LMSW As COVID-19 spreads across America, many parents are struggling with how to deal with their children who are not in school and have hours to fill. Screen time is an easy answer. Kids love it, and… Read the rest

A Crisis and An Opportunity

By Nadja Streiter, LMSW The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting challenges at every level of society, including home and family life. This is uncharted territory for everyone: fear and uncertainty about the virus, coupled with anxiety over supply shortages, economic instability,… Read the rest

Managing Your Child’s COVID-19 Fears

By Marcia Eckerd, Ph.D Everywhere you turn there’s news of COVID-19—some of it dire, much of it scary and all of it discomforting. And that’s from an adult’s perspective. Imagine what your kids are internalizing. Even those too young to… Read the rest

To Spy or Not to Spy?

There are several reasons parents use to justify monitoring their child’s online activity, most of which come from the well-intentioned desire to protect their child from online abuse or misuse (cyberbullying, sexual predation, inappropriate content). That coupled with a growing… Read the rest

ADHD: A Family Affair

The complex dynamics of an ADHD household can be stressful, sometimes overwhelming, and often require a huge emotional commitment of time and energy. You know that your child with ADHD is different from his non-ADHD peers and that he doesn’t… Read the rest