Team Sports Preferred by Kids with ADHD

A recent study found that kids with ADHD are more likely to participate in team sports than in individual sports. According to a UPI article, the findings surprised the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center study team. Speaking for the… Read the rest

Learning to Manage Time Better

In order to be successful at time management, your child must know how long it takes to get things done. Having a time sense will help him establish routines, set limits, and learn to prioritize. When I first start working… Read the rest

ADHD: The Non-Hyperactive Child

Kevin is a wonderfully imaginative eight-year-old with a talent for building things. He can turn a few cardboard boxes into an entertaining adventure, create elaborate constructions from materials he finds outdoors, and is a master with Legos. Kevin has no… Read the rest

ADHD & Brain Differences

Recent studies do show clear differences in the brain between kids with ADHD and kids with typical development. The field of neuro-imaging is exploding with a high volume of recent studies evaluating both structural and functional differences in individuals with… Read the rest