Kids Do Not Outgrow ADHD

A recently published study in the American Journal of Psychiatry confirms what many parents of kids with ADHD have learned through experience: While children with ADHD may go through periods of remission as they move toward adulthood, the majority experience… Read the rest

Is Your Child (with ADHD) Ready for Babysitting?

By Heidi Rosenholtz Just because your middle-school child can’t keep track of her homework doesn’t mean she can’t succeed at the adolescent rite of passage called babysitting. In fact, kids with attention issues are often ideally suited to the task,… Read the rest

Treating Boys with ADHD

Your son is seven—or 10—or 15. He has ADHD and related issues. His social, emotional, and executive functions have not developed intuitively. He has difficulty relating to others, never quite understanding their thoughts, feelings, sense of humor, or intentions. He… Read the rest

Kids to Kids: Explaining ADHD

When kids are identified as having ADHD, they are often left in the dark about what that diagnosis means. They may be given a prescription for medication and a brochure entitled “What is ADHD?” But rarely are they provided with… Read the rest

ADHD: The Non-Hyperactive Child

Kevin is a wonderfully imaginative eight-year-old with a talent for building things. He can turn a few cardboard boxes into an entertaining adventure, create elaborate constructions from materials he finds outdoors, and is a master with Legos. Kevin has no… Read the rest