Dietary Interventions for ADHD

Parents of kids with ADHD are constantly searching for ways to manage their kids’ hyperactivity, inattention, and reduced focus. For some kids, dietary interventions may be helpful. Clinicians and parents have long suspected a possible link between behavior and diet,… Read the rest

Misdiagnosing ADHD in Black Kids

Doctors, mental health providers, teachers, special educators, and counselors are generally familiar with what ADHD looks like in White kids, especially White boys. When they see a Black child behaving similarly, they often assume he has ADHD as well, even… Read the rest

Eliminating Food Dyes from the Family Diet

By Eve Kessler Do you see a connection between your child’s behavior and what she eats? Numerous controlled studies have concluded that food dyes can worsen behavior in some children with and without ADHD. According to Dr. Joel Nigg, a… Read the rest

Raising Teen Boys with ADHD

The journey from adolescence to independence can be a long and bumpy road for teen boys: they’re dealing with rapidly changing bodies, emerging feelings of sexuality, and establishing a sense of self-worth while managing increased academic demands and complex social… Read the rest

EFD: Raise Self-Regulated Learners

With the best of intentions, parents often jump in to solve their child’s problems. It’s fast, easy, gets the job done, and enables the child to succeed at the task at hand. But it’s really the parent—not the child—who’s being… Read the rest