Bullying Advice From One Who Knows

We know that an estimated 25% to 33% of US students say they’ve been bullied. And in the past decade, we’ve learned much about who they are, as well as the various forms bullying takes—verbal, physical, social, cyber, indirect, and direct to name a few. We’ve also learned a great deal about the detrimental effects bullying has on victims, perpetrators, and bystanders alike. Yet despite all we know, our efforts to prevent bullying have not had the large-scale impact we’d like to see. There are still way too many children for whom bullying is an everyday experience.

That’s why Aija Mayrock has written The Survival Guide to Bullying. Mayrock, a teenager herself who was bullied in middle school and high school, speaks directly to her peers, offering strategies to help anyone get through the horrors of bullying. As noted on the back cover:

This book covers everything from building confidence to asking for help from parents and teachers, dealing with cyberbullying, and learning how to become your own superhero. Along the way there are personal stories, survival tips, and inspiring “roems” (rap poems) that reveal how Aija dealt with bullying and went on on to pursue her dreams.

The advantage of this lively, easy-to-read book is that Mayrock speaks the language of those she’s trying to help. Sometimes, despite our best efforts as parents and adults, our words fall on deaf ears because we “just don’t understand.” That’s not the case with Mayrock. With chapter titles such as “Why Me?” “Fear,” and “Battlefield Scenario,” the author is able to cut through the usual jargon to tell it like it is in terms her readers can relate to.

This is the only how-to book on this important and timely subject written for kids and teens, by one of their own. As such, it’s worth adding to your family library. Unfortunately, there’s a chance you might need it one day.

The Survival Guide to Bullying, by Aija Mayrock, Scholastic Inc., 2015.