Are You Ready for Your IEP Meeting?

With Spring comes that annual rite of passage, the IEP meeting—the yearly gathering of the school team to review your child’s progress and the special education services they’re receiving.

At Smart Kids with LD we know the importance of IEP meetings, which is why we devote an entire section of our website to The ABCs of IEPs. From who’s on the team to choosing the right accommodations, we have the resources you need to be the effective advocate your child deserves during this process.

If this is your first IEP, take a look at our Primer for Parents New to the Process. It will be helpful to scan Tips for Writing an IEP when it comes time to clarify the objectives for the coming year. If your child struggles with social issues, take our advice and Put Social Skills in the IEP—something that is too often overlooked. And don’t forget to check out Progress Monitoring, a worthwhile reminder of how to know if this process is working for your child.

Following is a full list of articles to help parents make the most of the IEP process: