Treating Boys with ADHD

Your son is seven—or 10—or 15. He has ADHD and related issues. His social, emotional, and executive functions have not developed intuitively. He has difficulty relating to others, never quite understanding their thoughts, feelings, sense of humor, or intentions. He… Read the rest

Social Emotional Skill Building

The effects of the yearlong pandemic on children have been well-documented. In addition to the academic toll, the social-emotional fallout has been significant with many kids becoming more anxious, isolated, and resistant to connecting with peers as time goes on.… Read the rest

4 Ways to Build Friendship Skills

By Eve Kessler, Esq. Cultivating friendships during the pandemic requires strong social skills and self-confidence, both of which may be challenging for your child with learning differences. Caroline Maguire, M.Ed., an expert in ADHD and Social Emotional Learning (SEL), sees… Read the rest

Forging Connections in Quarantine

It is the winter of COVID-19. Many kids are at school online and in socially distanced classrooms. Months of quarantine, remote learning, mask wearing, and lack of physical contact have caused kids and adults alike to feel isolated and stressed.… Read the rest

Keeping Close While Afar

By Caroline Segal, Ph.D We are ending our seventh month of pandemic life, and the first month back to school, whatever that looks like for your family. This has likely been one of the most challenging exercises in resilience and… Read the rest