Into the Wild for a Summer of Fun

Conventional overnight summer camps target resilient, athletic children who respond well to group control, and can walk confidently from archery to arts and crafts while singing Kumbaya. But for kids who are nonconformists, have two left feet, or need special… Read the rest

Self-Advocacy: Strategies for All Ages

Students who know how to self-advocate have an important skill that supports lifelong success, yet few children actually are taught how to understand their needs and communicate those needs to others. Following are some strategies to help your child acquire… Read the rest

A Budding Scientist Discovers Her Passion

By Melissa Rey Growing up, I loved watching my big brother Adam work on his science fair projects. Whether he was building miniature oil spills in the basement or testing how much bacteria stayed on a bar of soap, his… Read the rest

Collaboration Is Not “Enabling”

I frequently encounter two types of children: children who feel ashamed because they get bad grades and children who feel ashamed because they need a lot of assistance from their parents to complete their homework. Neither needs to be true.… Read the rest

Behavior Chart Dos and Don’ts

A behavior chart is a visual tracker where kids earn stickers or points for completing desired behaviors, which they then exchange for rewards. There are two main kinds of behavior charts. A sticker chart is effective for younger children, where… Read the rest