Behavior Chart Dos and Don’ts

A behavior chart is a visual tracker where kids earn stickers or points for completing desired behaviors, which they then exchange for rewards. There are two main kinds of behavior charts. A sticker chart is effective for younger children, where… Read the rest

Focus On the Positives

As parents, we tend to get hung up on our kids’ shortcomings. He can’t sit still. She whines when she wants something. He’s behind in school. She stays up past her bedtime. We constantly worry about the ways our children… Read the rest

Does Your Child Have Grit?

The self-esteem movement of the 1980s had a tremendous impact on how the millennial generation was raised. Believing that high self-esteem led to positive social, emotional, and mental health, parents and educators bubble-wrapped their children, shielding them from stress, adversity,… Read the rest

Parents’ Tips for Promoting Self-Esteem

There’s no time like the New Year for a fresh start. Use this time to help your child with learning challenges feel better about himself. Following are simple, common-sense tips from parents of children with LD and ADHD for building… Read the rest

Kids with ADHD: Finding the Leader Within

As parents of children with ADHD we know our kids have the potential to become future leaders, but that birthright has been diminished by a dominant culture that sees only their “disorder.” These natural born-leaders deserve to have their potential… Read the rest