In Praise of Praise

By Leslie Josel Persistence is a hot topic in my house these days. With a freshman in college I will spare you the details. But I’m thinking it’s a huge topic in many of your homes too. We all want… Read the rest

Does Your Child Have Grit?

The self-esteem movement of the 1980s had a tremendous impact on how the millennial generation was raised. Believing that high self-esteem led to positive social, emotional, and mental health, parents and educators bubble-wrapped their children, shielding them from stress, adversity,… Read the rest

A Budding Scientist Discovers Her Passion

By Melissa Rey Growing up, I loved watching my big brother Adam work on his science fair projects. Whether he was building miniature oil spills in the basement or testing how much bacteria stayed on a bar of soap, his… Read the rest

Fostering Resiliency at School

Resiliency is the capacity to rebound successfully, adapt in the face of adversity, and develop social and academic competence despite exposure to stress. Resilient children possess important life skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and the ability to take… Read the rest

Strategies for Raising Independent Kids

New parents watch with delight as their infant moves from helplessness to agility, applauding each and every accomplishment along the way. Yet somewhere between delivery and daycare, parents often lose their enthusiasm for their child’s burgeoning independence. Convinced that only… Read the rest