Puppy Love: Pros & Cons of Pet Ownership

For children with learning disabilities, the right pet can promote empathy and nurturing skills, encourage socialization and communication, and provide physical and emotional contact in a non-threatening way. Pet ownership, however, is not a one-way street. Some children have wonderful… Read the rest

Lemonade Stand: Business 101 for Kids

By Liz Frazier, CFP, MBA The idea of the lemonade stand conjures up nostalgia in most parents as they remember summer days and simpler times. Today, the lemonade stand is still a source of summer fun for many children, however… Read the rest

Help Your Child Accept LD

By the time a child with learning disabilities is in middle school, she should be preparing for what’s ahead. The first step in that process is developing the self-advocacy skills necessary to navigate in high school and beyond. In order… Read the rest

When College Is Not the Next Step

College is just one of many paths to a successful career. Rick Fiery, co-founder of Inventive Labs, emphasizes that a traditional college track may not be the natural next step for your high schooler with ADHD. Instead he suggests moving… Read the rest

Life Skills That Make a Difference

As parents of children with LD or ADHD, we often focus on their academic challenges. Research shows, however, that how children use information to solve real-life problems, manage their daily lives, and what type of learner they are may be… Read the rest