Include Your Child in the Evaluation Process

The decision to have your child evaluated for learning disabilities or ADHD sets in motion a process that, at times, can feel all-encompassing. Finding the right professional, undergoing the actual evaluation, reviewing the results and recommendations, and meeting with school… Read the rest

Life Skills That Make a Difference

As parents of children with LD or ADHD, we often focus on their academic challenges. Research shows, however, that how children use information to solve real-life problems, manage their daily lives, and what type of learner they are may be… Read the rest

5 Keys to Help Kids Achieve Success

How do adults get kids with LD and ADHD to love life and feel optimistic about their future? Dr. Edward Hallowell may have the answer. Hallowell, a leading expert on ADHD and co-author of Driven to Distraction and Delivered from… Read the rest

8 Ways to Deal with Hurtful Cliques

Has your child ever been excluded or mistreated because he was different from the powerful insiders at school? If so, he’s not alone. Research shows that highly creative students with learning differences are far more likely to be excluded or… Read the rest