Team Sports Preferred by Kids with ADHD

A recent study found that kids with ADHD are more likely to participate in team sports than in individual sports.

According to a UPI article, the findings surprised the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center study team. Speaking for the group, Dr. James Brochers, director of the Division of Sports Medicine at Ohio State explained in a press release:

We expected athletes with ADHD to gravitate toward individual sports, like golf or tennis, where they have more control, there is a little bit more repetitiveness and they don’t have to worry about the responsibilities or roles of teammates or opponents. But what we found was our athletes with ADHD were twice as likely to compete in team sports, and their rate of participation in contact sports, like football, hockey and lacrosse, was 142 percent higher.

Risky Business

The study, presented at the annual meeting of the American Medical Society, included 850 participants who were followed for a five-year period. The results also found that because of their participation in contact sports, “students with ADHD were at an increased risk of injury.” Dr. Trevor Kitchin, a primary care sports fellow at Ohio State speculated on why that might be the case:

We know in young people with ADHD that they do have an increase in impulsivity and a little bit more reckless behavior. We’re not saying that ADHD led to injury, but given its known characteristics, it may be putting these athletes at higher risk, especially in contact sports.

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