Roundup: LD & ADHD COVID-19 News

Even now as we spend seemingly endless hours in front of our screens, we may not see all the information that will help manage the COVID-19 disruptions. Following are a few items that parents of children with LD and ADHD… Read the rest

COVID-19: Tele-Therapies Under Pressure

With the coronavirus shuttering schools across the country, students with special needs are bearing a disproportionate amount of the burden. It’s one thing to learn your ABCs in the online classroom, but not even a high-speed internet can make up… Read the rest

Social Media: Better Safe Than Sorry

Students are routinely warned to think twice about what they choose to share on social media. Once that snapshot of you passed out at last weekend’s party is in cyberspace, it’s there for anyone to see—even the admissions officer at… Read the rest

Common Household Chemicals Impact IQ

The good news is that IQ loss due to childhood exposure to lead and mercury has declined significantly in the U.S, most likely due to decades-long efforts aimed at restricting the use of these heavy metals. The bad news is… Read the rest

Lifestyle Choices for Kids with ADHD

A recent study that looked at lifestyle behaviors of children with ADHD found that kids with the diagnosis engage in fewer healthy activities than their non-ADHD peers. According to an article on the PsychCentral website, researchers under Dr. Kathleen Holton… Read the rest