Common Household Chemicals Impact IQ

The good news is that IQ loss due to childhood exposure to lead and mercury has declined significantly in the U.S, most likely due to decades-long efforts aimed at restricting the use of these heavy metals. The bad news is… Read the rest

Lifestyle Choices for Kids with ADHD

A recent study that looked at lifestyle behaviors of children with ADHD found that kids with the diagnosis engage in fewer healthy activities than their non-ADHD peers. According to an article on the PsychCentral website, researchers under Dr. Kathleen Holton… Read the rest

School Enrollment Age Impacts LD Diagnosis

Findings from a recent large-scale study show that children who are younger than most of their classmates are more likely to be diagnosed with learning disabilities, ADHD, and depression. The results are from a UK study in which school records… Read the rest

Vaping: Not A Panacea

It seems like only yesterday that e-cigarettes were marketed as the “healthier” option to traditional cigarettes. They were—and still are in many circles— touted as a way for users to enjoy nicotine without incurring the ill effects from the additives… Read the rest

Can Sleep Help ADHD Behaviors?

In recent years much has been made of the importance of sleep to the health and well-being of school-age kids. But a new study, focusing solely on teens with ADHD, makes it clear that for these kids a good night’s… Read the rest