How to Do It NOW!

ADHD coach Leslie Josel’s new book is available for preorder. How to Do It Now Because It’s Not Going Away is a compilation of Josel’s best advice, tips, and strategies for dealing with your child’s procrastination. How To Do It Now is a straight-talking guide filled with real-life solutions to help students get done what they need to get done NOW. Packed with easily digestible tips, as well as stories from real students, the book tackles this problem faced by students with and without learning differences. Here’s how the author describes it:

In all my years of working with students (and their parents) the topic of PROCRASTINATION is the #1 concern or complaint I hear… So I dug deep, interviewed hundreds of my students, and packed this book with real tips, realstories, real successes (and misses) that will truly hit home.

You’ll find chapters about study skills, time management, distractions, and motivation! It’s straight talk (but kind), funny (never condescending), and most importantly, written with a student’s point of view. My favorite part? The “Classroom Confessionals”peppered throughout. Trust me, nothing was held back! I always say that this parenting journey should never be taken alone. I’m hoping you’ll allow this book to come along on yours.

In Josel’s breezy, witty style, the internationally-recognized academic and parenting coach opens the door to a student’s view of procrastination, dives deep into what that really looks like, and offers up her Triple T’s—tips, tools, and techniques—to teach students how to get stuff done.

To learn more, see Josel’s website, Order Out of Chaos to stream How To Do It Now study playlists, shop her top products for student success, and find out how to get FREE BONUS GIFTS! Her book, available in the fall, can be preordered on Amazon.

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