Striving for Diving

Five years ago, I would’ve never thought of myself as a “smart kid.” Since first grade, I’ve struggled with reading. Throughout elementary and middle school, I worked with resource teachers and private tutors. At first it wasn’t that bad because… Read the rest

2017 Fred J. Epstein Youth Achievement Award Honorees

Meet the outstanding group of teens that took home honors at this year’s Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities annual spring gala. The awards recognize young people who, despite their learning challenges, have already accomplished great things, leaving an indelible mark… Read the rest

Grace Taskinsoy: LD Advocate

When Grace Taskinsoy of Fountain Hills, AZ learned that she had dyslexia, she vowed to make a difference. The then 9th-grader started a blog, posting information to help other students with dyslexia. But it’s what she did next that has… Read the rest

2016 Fred J. Epstein Youth Achievement Award Honorees

Each year at our annual gala, Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities recognizes the extraordinary accomplishments of young people who despite their learning challenges—and often because of their personal struggles—are already leaving their mark in their communities and beyond.  Following are… Read the rest

2015 Youth Achievement Award

At Smart Kids with LD we know that learning difficulties do not have to be a barrier to success; in fact, sometimes they motivate excellence. Each year we celebrate a group of bright, talented school-age kids, whose remarkable achievements remind… Read the rest