Debunking Common LD Myths

Although significant progress has been made toward raising awareness about learning disabilities, several widely accepted misconceptions persist.  Following are some of the most prevalent myths, along with the facts. Knowing the reality can help parents address concerns early on, when… Read the rest

Turning “I Can’t” into “I Can”

Despite what we like to think about how growth and development occur, what we know is that it is rarely a linear process. To figure out how to adjust your child’s homework and projects to his ability, ask these questions:… Read the rest

Parents Beware: Red-Flags for LD

Public schools are required by law to identify and address learning and behavioral issues that interfere with a child’s ability to learn. Private, religious, independent, and home schools are not held to the same standard. However, in recent years, some… Read the rest

Evaluating Your Child for Dyslexia

Many children have difficulty learning how to read or improving their reading. Some read reasonably well, but their spelling and writing skills are poor. If any of these issues sound familiar, your child is a prime candidate for a reading… Read the rest