Is This Reading Intervention Right for My Child?

Your child is eligible for special education services due to difficulties with reading and spelling—but how do you know whether the interventions offered address her unique needs? To answer that question, you must evaluate the proposed program as well as… Read the rest

LD + Math = Struggles

Difficulties in learning math seldom lead to referrals for learning disabilities evaluation, despite being specified in both federal and state LD definitions. School systems provide assessment and special services mostly on the basis of difficulties learning to read (dyslexia). So… Read the rest

Must-Have AT Tools for Struggling Readers

By Shelley Lacey-Castelot, ATACP, MS What Assistive Technology (AT) does your child with LD need to be independently successful this school year? Over the next few weeks, this blog will feature smart choices for you to consider as you make… Read the rest

Reading Levels: What Do They Tell You?

The reading level that you’re referring to is either a number or a letter, which is meant to tell you if your child is reading at grade level. It is based on an assessment called a running record—a record that… Read the rest

Online Training: Kids Write

The Writers Studio, founded by Philip Schultz, is offering an online training course to help parents and teachers lure students with dyslexia into enjoying reading and writing. This innovative program combines discussion and practical writing exercises based on short reading… Read the rest