Small Tips to Improve Online Learning

By Nadja Streiter, LMSW Distance learning involves sitting in front of a screen for a significant chunk of time, and it’s often followed by more of the same for homework assignments. This can be a real challenge for many kids,… Read the rest

Keeping Close While Afar

By Caroline Segal, Ph.D We are ending our seventh month of pandemic life, and the first month back to school, whatever that looks like for your family. This has likely been one of the most challenging exercises in resilience and… Read the rest

Back to School: Educators’ Opinions

As the academic year gets underway in most parts of the country, a recent survey from Education Week shows that teacher morale is at a recent low and that student enrollment is dropping due to COVID-19. The survey, conducted the… Read the rest

A New School Year Like None Other

For students who learn differently, summer usually provides a respite from the social, emotional, behavioral, and learning issues that can make school challenging. Ideally, come fall, these kids are refreshed and ready to start anew. That’s not the case this… Read the rest

To Test or Not to Test?

The college application process is stressful in the best of times, but throw in changes due to COVID-19 and the situation becomes murkier for students, parents and institutions alike. In deference to a large number of students that will not… Read the rest