Summer To-Do List for College Freshmen

For students with LD who are starting college this fall, preparing ahead will help ensure a smooth transition. Following are a few tasks to take care of before you head off to college. Prepare for college placement tests: English, math,… Read the rest

Why College Is Daunting for LD Students

The college graduation rate for students with LD is about half that of the general population (28% versus 56% of students that start college). According to the Institute for Higher Education Policy, this poor showing is largely due to education… Read the rest

Managing Anxiety in College

Moving from high school to college is one of the most significant transitions in a student’s life. Unlike high schools, colleges expect students to be self-aware, understand and identify their needs, and seek support as necessary. Yet as freshmen, many… Read the rest

Online Degrees: Pros and Cons

In the past decade, online college degrees have proliferated. They’re now a mainstay at many colleges and universities, giving students one more option to consider when evaluating their post-high school plans. For some students with learning disabilities, an online degree… Read the rest