Is a PG Year Right for Your Child?

The idea of completing a post-graduate year before attending college garnered national attention recently when a Boston city councilman advocated for adding an optional 13th year for college-bound students in the Boston Public Schools. The initiative highlights a reality that… Read the rest

College Search: Services vs. Needs

Selecting an appropriate college for students with learning disabilities is vital to success. Because students leave high school with different levels of preparedness and varying abilities, a continuum of support services has emerged. Some colleges offer extensive services, while others… Read the rest

College Application: Choosing An Essay Topic

By Michele Turk One of the most nerve-wracking and intimidating aspects of the college application process is writing the college admissions essay. Many students (and their parents) engage in and even manufacture experiences so they can write about something meaningful—all… Read the rest

Why College Is Daunting for LD Students

The college graduation rate for students with LD is about half that of the general population (28% versus 56% of students that start college). According to the Institute for Higher Education Policy, this poor showing is largely due to education… Read the rest