AT: Building a Better Toolbox

We live in an age when students are accustomed to having technology available wherever they go, always on, and instantly accessible. For students with learning disabilities, it’s important to ensure that the Assistive Technology (AT) they need is as readily… Read the rest

Putting the AT Plan Into Action

The assistive technology (AT) evaluation has been completed, the report has been reviewed by the IEP team, and some or all of the recommendations have been accepted. It’s now time to implement the recommendations everyone has signed off on. While… Read the rest

Tech Tools for Note-Taking

By Shelley Lacey-Castelot, ATACP, MS Once students with learning disabilities begin to take notes in class, their challenges with spelling, handwriting, simultaneous processing, and reading can overwhelm them. Even those who are good auditory learners can become flummoxed. There are,… Read the rest

Must-Have AT Tools for Struggling Readers

By Shelley Lacey-Castelot, ATACP, MS What Assistive Technology (AT) does your child with LD need to be independently successful this school year? Over the next few weeks, this blog will feature smart choices for you to consider as you make… Read the rest

Digital Literacy for Kids with LD

Today’s students have come of age in an era of digital media. Yet proficiency with YouTube and Facebook does not necessarily mean that your child is digitally literate—that he has the technological skills to meet the digital demands required to… Read the rest