Handling Disputes with the School

When schools fail to provide the services parents believe their child needs, a due process hearing—a formal, contested, adversarial trial—is the ultimate route provided by law to resolve disputes. But litigation via due process is not the best way to… Read the rest

Helping Kids with Processing Issues

Helping a child whose processing speed is slow comes down to modifying the rate, tone, and complexity of what you say. This allows the child more time to make sense of what he’s hearing. Although it sounds simple, doing that… Read the rest

Audio E-Book Options

E-readers are not designed to read text but there are two major online libraries that have books with highlighted text and audio, and they would be available to your daughter if she has a documented language-learning disability. Bookshare.org has 480,000… Read the rest

Accommodations & College Acceptance

Most colleges are knowledgeable about learning differences and the accommodations required by certain students. When a child applies to college and has taken the SAT with extended time or another accommodation, the school will most likely want to see a… Read the rest

The Power of Positive Communication

It’s important for parents of children with LD and ADHD to help their kids live independent and responsible lives. However, even the most well-intentioned parents often struggle with how to help their child become self-reliant. Below are guidelines to encourage… Read the rest