Assistive Technology: Low-Tech Has Its Place

When we hear the term Assistive Technology (AT), we imagine kids with LD (and other disabilities) mastering previously challenging assignments with the help of the latest and greatest high-tech gadgetry. In fact, we may be doing our children a disservice… Read the rest

Writing Tips for Final Papers

By Melissa Rey With the end of the school year come semester projects and final papers, which can be challenging for students with learning disabilities. We asked then Pomona College student Melissa Rey, who has dyslexia, to share some strategies… Read the rest

The Case for Teaching Handwriting

In today’s world of electronic wizardry where keyboarding, touch screens, and clicks are the tools of choice, it might seem anachronistic to teach handwriting, but an article in Literacyhow makes a strong case for penmanship. The article headline says it… Read the rest

Is This Reading Intervention Right for My Child?

Your child is eligible for special education services due to difficulties with reading and spelling—but how do you know whether the interventions offered address her unique needs? To answer that question, you must evaluate the proposed program as well as… Read the rest

Evaluating Your Child for Dysgraphia

Dysgraphia as defined in the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5) is a “specific learning disorder” with impairment in written expression. Writing problems can result from one or more of the following components: Fine motor difficulties Visual-spatial… Read the rest