Treating Boys with ADHD

Your son is seven—or 10—or 15. He has ADHD and related issues. His social, emotional, and executive functions have not developed intuitively. He has difficulty relating to others, never quite understanding their thoughts, feelings, sense of humor, or intentions. He… Read the rest

A Plant Extract to Treat ADHD

Nutritional psychiatry is a growing field that focuses on the importance of essential nutrients in treating mental health conditions, including ADHD. James M. Greenblatt, MD, a specialist in integrative medicine for ADHD and author of Finally Focused: The Breakthrough Natural… Read the rest

Exercise: Good Medicine for ADHD

Dr. John J. Ratey, psychiatrist and world renowned authority on the effects of exercise on the brain, advises families of children with ADHD to think of exercise as medication for optimizing intellectual reasoning, increasing attention, and improving mood. For both… Read the rest

Do ADHD Meds Help with Homework?

For parents weighing the pros and cons of ADHD medication for their school-age child, a new study suggests that stimulants are not particularly helpful when it comes to finishing homework or getting better grades. In a small, short-term study that… Read the rest