Small Tips to Improve Online Learning

By Nadja Streiter, LMSW Distance learning involves sitting in front of a screen for a significant chunk of time, and it’s often followed by more of the same for homework assignments. This can be a real challenge for many kids,… Read the rest

To Spy or Not to Spy?

There are several reasons parents use to justify monitoring their child’s online activity, most of which come from the well-intentioned desire to protect their child from online abuse or misuse (cyberbullying, sexual predation, inappropriate content). That coupled with a growing… Read the rest

Alexa, Where Are Your Manners?

According to recent surveys from Neilsen more than 30% of U.S. households (about 66.4 million) have voice-based home assistants, also known as smart speakers or digital assistants. Many homes have multiple such devices that are being used to make day-to-day… Read the rest

10 Strategies for Managing Digital Devices

With 95% of Americans owning mobile devices, it’s common to find children using technology for long stretches of time each day, often at the expense of engaging with the “real” world—talking face-to-face, playing outside, doing homework, etc. For many parents,… Read the rest