George Church: Father of Genomics

How did you discover that you were dyslexic?   The main thing I was bad at was timed reading because I’ve always read very slowly. Instead I focused on images in books through elementary school. Eventually, my mother earned her PhD… Read the rest

John Hoke: Nike’s Design Leader

How would you describe dyslexia to those who are not dyslexic? I believe that dyslexia is a gift. Dyslexics have a different way of seeing, perceiving, and experiencing language, mathematics, and learning. Dyslexia provides a lens for deeper perception, which… Read the rest

Getting to Know My Brain

I have ADHD, along with some kind of learning difference that doesn’t quite have a name, but has attributes associated with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) and non-verbal learning disabilities (NLD). On the one hand, I have all the hallmarks of ADHD:… Read the rest

Dannel Malloy: Education Champion

In 2014, Dannel P. Malloy was elected to his second consecutive term as Governor of Connecticut. That election capped a political career that included four terms as the mayor of Stamford, CT, earning him the title of longest-serving mayor in… Read the rest