Strengths, Talents & Dyslexia

There is a bright future for children with dyslexia who get the support they need early on. Among the skills and abilities often associated with dyslexia are three-dimensional spatial reasoning (necessary for architecture, engineering, science, etc.) and mechanical aptitude. Although… Read the rest

How to Build Your Child’s Strengths

For kids with learning disabilities, being forced into a strict academic protocol often stifles motivation; in contrast encouraging them to follow their interests is likely to have the opposite effect, and can help them to become active learners. The student… Read the rest

Does Your Child Have a Future in Technology?

By Ari Kalinowski Many non-typical students have unique strengths that are ideally suited for the burgeoning technology job market. Consider the following examples. Kids with ADHD tend to think outside the box, often making connections that others miss. They also… Read the rest

Camp Experience: Confidence-Building

By Melissa Rey As any student with dyslexia will tell you, the classroom often brings more frustration than fun. One of the best ways to help a dyslexic learner is to help her find opportunities for success outside of school.… Read the rest

Unique Challenges of 2e Students

By Susan Baum, Ph.D. Students with learning disabilities who are also gifted have unique needs. These twice-exceptional (2e) kids understand far more than their mainstream peers, yet they may have trouble spelling simple words, tying their shoes, or remembering to… Read the rest