2E Kids: What’s the Best School?

It is possible for students to be gifted and have a learning disability. This circumstance—being particularly advanced in some domains, while facing challenges in others—is called “twice exceptional,” or “2e” for short. Identifying this learning profile and finding the right… Read the rest

Meet Your School Psychologist

For a child with learning disabilities or ADHD, each school day is fraught with risk. He may be asked to stay in at recess for not finishing classwork, sent to the office for an impulsive remark, or subject to teasing… Read the rest

Determining Placement for Your Child with LD

In education, as with many professions, there are terms specific to the field that have special meaning in that context. “Inclusion” and “least restrictive environment” (LRE) are two such terms. Inclusion Inclusion is not a legal term; it is a… Read the rest