The Damaging Myth of Normalcy

By the time I was in second grade I thought I was stupid and crazy. Why? Because that’s what I was taught. Those are not thoughts I would have come to on my own. Think about it. We all know… Read the rest

Looking Back at the Year

As the school year comes to a close I hear a lot of parents taking a moment to look back and acknowledge their child’s growth and progress. As a parent of a child with learning disabilities, I realize I rarely… Read the rest

The Gift of Failure

“Almost everyone experiences failure at some point in their life….How a person handles failure is the key to future success. If it devastates the person and renders him/her immobile it could have a long lasting negative impact; if, on the… Read the rest

Dannel Malloy: Education Champion

In 2014, Dannel P. Malloy was elected to his second consecutive term as Governor of Connecticut. That election capped a political career that included four terms as the mayor of Stamford, CT, earning him the title of longest-serving mayor in… Read the rest

Coming To Terms with My Child’s LD

“I used to have dyslexia,” exclaimed our 11-year-old. Experts know that you don’t get over dyslexia, but our child has made such terrific progress she believes she’s “cured.” We weren’t always this open and optimistic. The journey from denial to… Read the rest