Advocacy 101: What Do Advocates Do?

Advocacy is not a mysterious process. Following is an overview of what advocates do. Gather Information Advocates gather facts and information. As they gather information and organize documents, they learn about the child’s disability and educational history. Advocates use facts… Read the rest

When Schools Fail to Follow an IEP

All program modifications and accommodations should have been provided through the Section 504 Plan, since a 504 Plan specifically exists to provide modifications and accommodations to the regular curriculum. If teachers and staff were not following the modifications and accommodations… Read the rest

Monitor the Classroom Experience

Just because your child has an Individual Education Plan does not mean that your days of school vigilance are behind you. Even the best-laid plans must be continually monitored to ensure that the decisions the team made were appropriate and… Read the rest

Q & A: Independent Evaluations

When there is reason to suspect a learning disability, the school district is required to do an evaluation to determine present levels of academic achievement and functional performance (PLAAFP). Many parents, eager to learn how to help their child, defer… Read the rest

After the IEP Meeting

Parents often leave their child’s IEP meeting feeling as if they have selected the only options available, and that they have to make the best of what was offered. In fact, the IDEA actually intended the experience to be more… Read the rest