The Black and White World of the NLD Child

Middle school can be tough. You’re either cool or you’re not; popular or dorky; in or out. Some kids make the cut, while others choose not to play the game. But for many children with NLD who cannot read social… Read the rest

Help the School Help Your Child with NLD

The job of helping teachers and other school personnel understand Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NLD) often falls to parents. It’s therefore important to educate yourself on how NLD manifests itself, so that you can better educate those your child relies on… Read the rest

Nonverbal Learning Disabilities: An Overview

Nonverbal learning disabilities (NLD) impact the ability to learn from and use nonverbal information. Kids with NLD have trouble understanding the “big picture.” They may also have problems with reading comprehension, math, and implied meaning. Because social interaction relies heavily… Read the rest

Evaluating Your Child for NLD

Because children with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities are highly verbal and have strong rote memory, NLD often isn’t noticed until they are older. These children tend to do well in elementary school, and in many cases are seen as gifted. However,… Read the rest

14 Ways to Help a Child with NLD Succeed

Because NLD is a condition with clearly defined assets and deficits, successful interventions can be developed using a child’s strengths to compensate for weaknesses. For example, students who struggle with organization, flexibility, mathematical reasoning, and social skills can be helped… Read the rest