High School Grad Rates: Better For Some

It’s that time of year when the discussion in education circles turns to graduation rates—a key measure of how we’re doing to ensure that our nation’s children have at least a high school education. Overall, the news is good. The… Read the rest

Fidgeting Helps Kids with ADHD Learn

“Sit still.” That’s been the mantra for legions of parents, teachers, and others trying to get children with ADHD to concentrate. But new research shows that not sitting still is exactly what those children need to do in order to… Read the rest

Study: Mistreatment for Tots with ADHD

Guidelines from The American Academy of Pediatrics call for the use of behavioral therapy first rather than medication for pre-school age children with ADHD. Yet nearly half of all preschoolers (46.6%) diagnosed with the disorder take medication alone or do… Read the rest

Teachers Misunderstand Dyslexia

Although we’ve come a long way in de-stigmatizing dyslexia, in some places there’s still work to do, with at least one important constituency—teachers. According to a recent study done in the UK, when students carry the label “dyslexia,” a significant… Read the rest