Educating Your Child About LD

As a parent, you must make sure that your child has the right information at the right time so that she can navigate her world with confidence. The same is true for information about learning disabilities. Parents often agonize about… Read the rest

The 5 Commandments for Parenting Children with LD

This I know for sure… Children with learning disabilities have great parents with boundless dreams. We want our kids to be successful in school, happy all the time and recognized for their uniqueness. We imagine them playing on championship teams,… Read the rest

Treating Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a specific learning disability characterized by difficulties with word recognition, spelling, and decoding. People without reading disabilities process a word instantly and can automatically access the definitions of words as they read. In contrast, those with dyslexia experience… Read the rest

Straight Talk About Medications for ADHD

ADHD is the most common psychiatric disorder treated in children. It affects from 5% to 9% percent of school-age children: At least 70% will continue to have the disorder into adolescence. About half will still have the disorder as adults.… Read the rest

14 Ways to Help a Child with NLD Succeed

Because NLD is a condition with clearly defined assets and deficits, successful interventions can be developed using a child’s strengths to compensate for weaknesses. For example, students who struggle with organization, flexibility, mathematical reasoning, and social skills can be helped… Read the rest