Virtual IEP Guide

Having your child’s IEP meeting online may not be your ideal situation, but it’s being done all over the country, and there’s no reason to think it can’t be successful. To help everyone through the process, The Department of Education… Read the rest

Before the IEP Meeting: 6 Tips for Parents

Experts, advocates, and other parents agree that preparing for the IEP meeting is the key to building a plan that will ensure your child’s success. Knowledge of your child, the school system, and federal and state laws and regulations will… Read the rest

Measuring Learning During School Closure

By Eve Kessler, Esq. With the COVID-19 school closures, teaching has shifted from classroom, small group, and individual instruction to distance learning. Teachers and service providers are working hard to adapt to remote platforms. As parents, you are in a… Read the rest

Team Meetings: Stay Positive

Often parents (and students) start out the school year hopeful that this time around things will be better, only to find several weeks into the new term that nothing has changed; the same struggles your child had last year are… Read the rest

IEP Meeting: Must-Ask Questions

As your child’s primary advocate, it’s your job to help guide the IEP process. One way to do that is to use questions to gather information and prompt meaningful discussions. But the answers you get often depend on the questions… Read the rest